About Us

Since 1984, transplants and natives alike, have known where to get the best slice.

You see, there’s pizza and then there’s PIZZA. Manny Macca makes PIZZA. Here’s why. While going to college, Manny worked in Brooklyn’s most popular pizzeria. Noticing his natural pizza making talent, the owners shared with him all of their secrets.​

A few years later, Manny landed in Nashville. He quickly noticed Music City deserved some real pizza, so he purchased the House of Pizza downtown in the historic Arcade Building. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Manny’s loyal customers proclaim he makes the perfect pie. And for good reason. Manny sticks to the secrets he learned decades ago and he never cuts corners. Each item on the menu is fresh, and made to your liking. That’s why Manny’s has the best pizza in Nashville, no doubt about it. We hope to see you soon.